Technology: Reshaping the Construction Industry

It might seem like a hammer has nothing to do with technology, but technology is playing an important role in reshaping the construction industry. In fact, you can consider a hammer an important piece of technology, along with miter saws, a cement truck, a pickup, and a nail gun. They are tools and equipment that didn’t exist centuries ago, and have become innovative, important tools in their industry.

Think about where we were just 100 years ago with tools. We were hand-drilling holes, cutting boards by hand, and relying on horses to pull our farming tools and wagons. Now we have power tools, big trucks loaded with technology, and tractors. Think of where our architecture would be without the invention of these tools. Technology has always driven the construction industry forward, making buildings stronger and the process more efficient and workers more productive.

Technology continues to rule the industry, though it may look a little different than it did a few decades ago. For instance, things like drones, virtual reality, and 3D printers may have only been an idea ten or twenty years ago, and now they’re being implemented in important processes every day. It’s helping with productivity, safety/training, and labor shortages.

Mobile apps help with every step of the management of construction projects, whether it’s ordering supplies or scheduling. Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems have turned confusing data that is piling up into usable data that can predict project outcomes and help companies gain a competitive edge. AI and robots can monitor job sites in real time and scan the construction site to oversee progress and compare them to 3D drawings. Deep-learning algorithms can then take this information and identify if there are any errors in the work. Virtual reality can help with safety and equipment operator training, while wearable technology can monitor safety and protect the wearer. Drones can also monitor safety and potential work hazards. Does the prospect of self-driving cars excite you? Well imagine the same thing for construction equipment!

If you’re in the construction industry, you’ll be expected to use technology to be able to perform your job well. It’s exciting to think about where technology will take us!


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