Email Security

Have you ever gotten a suspicious email with just a link and nothing else? Or maybe a company you work with sent you a suspicious notice about a security breach? You were probably at risk for a phishing scam. If email security isn’t one of your main priorities as a business, it should be. You need to secure important business

Office 7 Microsoft Support Ending

Are you still running Microsoft Windows 7? Did you know that Windows 7 support will be ending in January 2020? There will be no more security updates or updates of any kind for consumer versions of Windows 7 unless you pay for them. If you’re still using Windows 7 and not looking to upgrade, there are some options. If you

iPads Simplify Voter Check-In

How many times have you been deterred from heading to the polls because you didn’t want to wait in long lines to check-in and vote? It’s no secret that technology has made the voting process simpler. iPads and electronic poll book solutions (such as those provided by KNOWiNK) have changed the game when it comes to check-in, making your wait

Technology at the Polls

It’s no secret that technology has made a lot of things in life simpler. One place that can be seen is at the polls. Despite some issues with hacking and tampering with votes, no one can deny that technology has made the process of registering and voting easier. Technology was introduced to the electoral process in order to simplify it.