Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. They’re defined as a shared office or coworking space. They consist of a mix of companies working in the same space. Flexible offices also allow individuals who typically work from home or telecommute to rent office space to work from for a few hours per day or week. The concept of office design acting

Charter School IT

It’s back to school time! That means a whole bunch of technology being used by students to help them further their education. Technology is a great way to enhance student interaction and encourage collaboration, and it also improves students’ digital citizenship skills. Integrating technology into education requires the implementation of new programs, data migration, and more. A great place to

Technology: Reshaping the Construction Industry

It might seem like a hammer has nothing to do with technology, but technology is playing an important role in reshaping the construction industry. In fact, you can consider a hammer an important piece of technology, along with miter saws, a cement truck, a pickup, and a nail gun. They are tools and equipment that didn’t exist centuries ago, and

Project Management Software in the Construction Industry

If you think that the construction industry has nothing to do technology, you would be entirely wrong. In fact, construction project management software has changed the industry for the better, and made managing and scheduling projects that much easier. Project management solutions are taking the stress and extra time out of scheduling and project managing, and incorporating them into one

Retail IT Solutions for Multiple Locations

By now you know that if retailers want to stay competitive, they must utilize IT and its many capabilities. It’s important to effectively implement IT backed by a strong team of professionals to keep store IT systems running without error among multiple locations. Retailers are now relying on electronic product coding and radio frequency identification. The system has become smarter

The Importance of IT in Retail

It’s probably not something you’ve ever considered, but IT is extremely important for retail operations, especially if retailers want to stay competitive. Consider this: a customer drops their goods onto the counter. The clerk rings the items up and gives them their total after checking in the system to see if they’re a rewards member. The customer pays with a

Is your Accounting Firm getting the IT Support it Needs?

Accounting firms and banking institutions are long past using paper and pencil to keep track of important customer information, and they have been for a very long time. Technology has made huge advancements in these industries, from utilizing customer relationship management systems to allowing customers to access their accounts digitally. While technology is crucial, utilizing technological advancements exposes accounting firms

Legal IT

The legal industry faces a slew of unique technology challenges. Because of the sensitive data your law firm is constantly working with, you need a secure network that keeps data safe and private. An IT expert will implement security measures like management systems, private networks, and effective communication strategies to meet your legal firm’s IT needs. Outsourcing IT can help

Outsourcing IT Work to Save Time

How many times have you tried to resolve an issue on your home computer and had it backfire? Have you attempted to install a server at work yourself, instead of investing in outside help? Outsourcing IT will not only save you time, it’ll save you a whole lot of frustration and headaches. Why try to install something when it would

Nonprofit Email Set-Up

If you’re part of a nonprofit or looking to start one, you may be eligible for the Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit Program. Let’s talk more about the program and what it can offer your nonprofit organization. Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit is a program that works with TechSoup and allows nonprofits access to paid Microsoft products and special features. TechSoup helps