Security Updates for Servers and Workstations

How often do you click “Install Later” on a software update? Software updates and security updates may seem like an annoyance, but by not installing them, you become more susceptible to hackers and viruses. Sure, it may be easier to click “Install Later” but more often than not, you never do install it later. That leaves your system vulnerable to identity theft, phishing scams, and malicious software. Just a few minutes of your time installing the update will make you less susceptible to a data breach.

Software and security updates, oftentimes include enhanced features. Old features are removed, and the stability of your software improves. The updates are not just designed to protect your system, they’re available improve the user experience so you can get the most out of your software.

Updates are an essential step in protecting your data, but it’s easy to understand the procrastination with installing them. You have enough to worry about; let us take care of some of your IT security tasks! We offer patch management, operating system and security system updates, antispam services, and antivirus management. The last thing you need is a virus or security breach. GK Consulting can protect your business so you can run it!