Retail IT Solutions for Multiple Locations

By now you know that if retailers want to stay competitive, they must utilize IT and its many capabilities. It’s important to effectively implement IT backed by a strong team of professionals to keep store IT systems running without error among multiple locations.

Retailers are now relying on electronic product coding and radio frequency identification. The system has become smarter and more complex, which means the technology needs to keep up. Retailers need to track inventory levels in real-time. Why? Imagine someone goes shopping at Target on the east side of town for a pair of shoes for their child, but they’re out of the size they need. They could either go online to see if another Target in town has the size in stock, or they could check with an associate. This data also gives stores a better understanding of when they need to replenish their stock, which in turn can cut down on production time. That’s just one example of why using real-time data is important among stores with multiple locations. Radio frequency identification tagging also allows stores to track their supplies, from the manufacturer to every point in-between until it lands in their hands. This is especially important for fashion retailers, as trends change at the drop of a hat.

Effective IT systems between multiple locations keep stores in better communication. Not only is communication within the organization stronger, it’s faster. Using specific software, they can be in constant contact with warehouse, suppliers, and vendors as well. In a sense, you can think of technology as another employee, but instead of showing up late and calling in sick often, this employee is always employee of the month. Products are in stock, inventory is accurate, and receipts are tallied each day. Technology is the backbone of the business.

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