Is your Accounting Firm getting the IT Support it Needs?

Accounting firms and banking institutions are long past using paper and pencil to keep track of important customer information, and they have been for a very long time. Technology has made huge advancements in these industries, from utilizing customer relationship management systems to allowing customers to access their accounts digitally. While technology is crucial, utilizing technological advancements exposes accounting firms to data loss and security breaches. For an industry that relies so thoroughly on technology, that technology needs to be working constantly in order to provide the ongoing support your clients require and rely on. You must ask yourself: is your accounting firm getting the IT support it needs?

Accounting firms are consistent and reliable, and their technology and IT support should be as well. Effective technology and consistent communication will help you maintain your customers. If your technology isn’t working or they suspect their data is at risk, they’ll switch accounting firms quickly.

Do you have a dedicated staff member that works on protecting the company’s data? Do you work with an IT company? If not, it’s time to look into outsourcing your IT. You need a dedicated expert in the IT filed instead of relying on a staff person. A dedicated IT support person will be able to provide information technology consulting and support to fulfill a role that a staff person simply cannot.

Accounting firms face specific government regulations, and just one violation can have bad consequences not just for the firm, but for its customers. Data security is under scrutiny because of these regulations, and a dedicated IT support person or team can help you with best practices for both reporting and protecting sensitive data. Not only is this data subject to a security breach, it can also be lost in a technology disaster. IT experts will implement a disaster recovery plan, taking your strengths and weaknesses into careful consideration. They’ll also be able to provide support on the accounting software and application you use regularly, making your team less susceptible to experience malfunctions with the software.

GK Consulting can be that IT support team for you. We’ll take care of your IT needs so you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected and your technology is functioning efficiently.

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