Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. They’re defined as a shared office or coworking space. They consist of a mix of companies working in the same space. Flexible offices also allow individuals who typically work from home or telecommute to rent office space to work from for a few hours per day or week.

The concept of office design acting as a motivator for employees has been a big trend lately. An interesting, custom-branded space can promote creativity and increase productivity. These flexible workplaces are also designed to allow employees to work comfortably in different parts of the office, and for different companies to effectively share these spaces. However, in order to make flexible workspaces work, the proper technology must be in place.

Technology should be seamlessly integrated into flexible workspaces in order for them to accommodate workers and human interaction. Especially with so many users working in the same spaces for different businesses, a seamless user experience is necessary. That isn’t just necessary for the space itself, but for all individuals in the location that are working remotely for businesses in other locations. Technology should enhance communication and allow the businesses to work in such a way that they’re a step ahead of the competition.

When working in a flexible workplace, there are certain weaknesses. In addition to potential distractions because other workers/businesses are in the space, there is often a shared network and thus weaker information security. Therefore, there isn’t full access and control to the network security.

If you find yourself in a flexible workspace situation, working with a technology expert may be the best strategy to ensure your technology needs are taken care of, whether it’s implementing a disaster recovery plan, providing server support, or providing security protection. Give GK Consulting a call at 320-260-8287 for all your small business IT needs.

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